When Lipman – the largest field tomato grower in North America – is your partner, fresh, flavorful tomatoes are always in season. Our extensive variety of field-grown tomatoes are available in assorted sizes, shapes and packaging to fit your needs.

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Crimson Queen
The Crimson Queen is vine-ripened and specially bred in Florida for its signature deep red color, more intense flavor, and higher lycopene content than standard tomatoes. Boasting a juicy, homegrown flavor, this new variety is sure to be the crown jewel of any produce program.

  • Available during Florida’s growing season – between November 1 and May 31
Silk Tomatoes
Our Silk tomatoes are known for their deep red color and wonderful, meaty taste. Like all of our tomatoes, this variety is field-grown and picked at peak freshness – ensuring the high quality you’ve come to expect from Lipman.

  • Grown fresh year-round
  • Place-packed and retail-ready in a four-color display box
Cherry Berries
The rise in popularity of our Cherry Berries is a result of superior taste and quality. These bite-size tomatoes literally burst with flavor! Retailers find themselves displacing traditional tomato items in favor of this versatile variety. Our farmers agree – this is the sweetest, most irresistible tomato Lipman has ever introduced.

  • Grown fresh year-round
  • Available in bulk or clamshells
  • Available in 12/1 pints
Vintage Ripes
If you haven’t tasted our Vintage Ripes … you haven’t tasted an authentic tomato! A proven customer favorite, this variety is field-grown and vine-ripened for the one-of-a-kind flavor available only from Lipman. Whether they’re stuffed, sliced or standalone as the star of a meal, you’ll notice the vibrant red color … but you’ll never forget the juicy taste.

  • Grown fresh year-round
  • Packed in attractive, stackable, 15-pound display boxes
garden jewels Garden Jewel
Lipman’s Garden Jewels make any produce program sparkle. Similar to the grape tomato, this small garden variety is commonly used in salads, on top of bruschetta or as part of a crudité platter.

  • Grown fresh year-round
  • Available in bulk or clamshells