Welcome to the Red Zone

On the heels of the popularity of Lipman’s Crimson Queen, North America’s largest field tomato grower is now adding the favorable attributes of crimson tomatoes into all of its varieties — round, roma, grape and heirloom.

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Giving Back In A Big Way

Every year, we look forward to our Backpack Giveaway, a day to bring people together and give back to the Immokalee community that has given us so much. This year, hundreds of people and more than 30 nonprofits joined us to share food and fun activities.

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Lipman, Supporting Local Farmers

More than 80 years ago, Lipman Family Farms started out as a small tomato farm in south Florida. Since then, we’ve grown nationwide while still staying true to our roots. As America’s largest field tomato grower, we are making a positive impact on local businesses, communities, and our planet.

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1,200 Free Backpacks for Local Children

Lipman Family Farms, North America’s largest open field tomato grower, to give away 1,200 free backpacks filled with school supplies to the elementary and middle school age children of Immokalee.

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We’re Lipman. We’re Family.

At Lipman, we love that the fruits of our labor are a part of so many people’s lives. From a family dinner to a cookout with friends or a simple snack, we work hard to bring the best produce to our customers’ tables.

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5k Run for Backpacks

Lipman, North America’s largest open field tomato grower, recently distributed 700 backpacks to Immokalee children during the Collier County Sheriff Office’s “National Night Out” event.

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Interesting Facts About Yellow Squash

Summer squash differs from the winter type by being more tender and having a thinner rind.

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Giving Babies Healthy Foods Early May Shape Childhood Tastes

Young toddlers who eat a range of fruits and vegetables may learn to enjoy healthy eating as they grow older, an Australian study suggests. Researchers found that 14-month-old babies who regularly ate fruits and vegetables were more likely to eat them and less likely to be fussy eaters when they were nearly four years old.

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Interesting Facts About Grape Tomatoes

When grape tomatoes first hit the market in the late nineties, they were a novelty available only in specialty food stores. But it didn’t take long for people to fall in love with these tiny, tasty treats.

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Interesting Facts about Watermelon

Not only does it quench your thirst, it can also quench inflammation that contributes to conditions like asthma, atherosclerosis, diabetes, colon cancer, and arthritis.

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