Lipman fresh cut

Lipman Fresh Cut provides the best of nature, cut fresh and packed for convenience.... year round. Our product-specific processing and patented packaging drives optimal shelf life – meaning you’ll receive only the best product, every time. And this produce not only tastes good… it helps customers save valuable time in the kitchen, and the convenient packaging also reduces the risk of foodborne illness, by decreasing the opportunity for cross-contamination.

The Benefits

  • Patented packaging provides optimal shelflife
  • Convenient packaging reduces the risk of foodborne illness


• Red Tomatoes (sliced or diced)
• Green Tomatoes (sliced or diced)
• Onions (sliced or diced)
• Celery (sticks or diced)
• Bell Peppers: Red, Green & Yellow (sliced or diced)
• Squash: Green & Yellow (sliced or diced)
• Sliced Cucumbers
• Salsa (mild or hot)
• Bruschetta Mix (diced tomatoes, onions & herbs)
• Fajita Mix (sliced yellow onions and green & red peppers)

Traditional Tomato Bruschetta

This recipe was created by one of our team members and has been in the Lipman family for generations. Since it includes only tomatoes and seasoning, it’s the perfect base for a more complex bruschetta. Consider adding onions, olives, or capers.